About us

After successful opening Elemento with our Fire Dining experience, we decided to open Gastro by Elemento being an exclusive restaurant with the same concept but with an exclusive and more intimist experience. Still run by ourselves, Chef Ricardo Dias Ferreira and Patricia Lourenço, we want to reach a most high level of gastronomy with a finest Portuguese ingredients.

Together we created a minimalist design, atmosphere really cosy. Surrounded by concrete walls and walnut wood, we were inspired by raw elements.

In our open fire kitchen you find a wood fire Stove design specially for Gastro by Elemento and our Wood-fire oven. With the open kitchen where cooking is done on fire, we want to reveal our pure vision and give you this unique experience.

You can sit down at our chef’s table with a view on the bar, the kitchen and the chefs in full action and even interact with them.

Hope to see you soon,

Ricardo Dias Ferreira & Patricia Lourenço